Tuesday, August 31, 2010

. newbie .

When I photographed this guy, he had only been Earthside about a week! You might recognize his lovely mother and older brothers from previous posts. I recently shot mom's maternity session. {scroll down a bit...}

Here is a sneak peek for you, mom! The rest are soon to follow. Enjoy.

IMG_0517 copy_WEB_WM

IMG_0478 copy_WEB_WM

IMG_0484 copy_WEB_WM

IMG_0530 copy_WEB_WM

IMG_0508 copy copy_WEB_WM

IMG_0491 copy_WEB

{ I just had to snap a photo of this...it was hung up in the nursery. TOTAL Sweetness. }

IMG_0553 copy_WEB_WM

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