Monday, July 12, 2010


Meet Jeremy. He is responsible for the rockin' new slideshow flash header here on the blog. Also in these photos are his pup, his girlfriend, and her pup. When working with is always an adventure! However, I'm happy we walked away with these shots. Enjoy your sneak peek, guys! (and I LOVE the header!) Ü



IMG_7488 copy_WEB

IMG_7501 copy_WEB

IMG_7505 copy_WEB


IMG_7432 copy_WEB

Monday, July 5, 2010

.dear ones.

This family has graced my blog before. This is one of my dearest friends and most long-time clients. (and her beautiful family!) Her kiddos sure love the camera and the camera loves them back!

IMG_7631 copy_WEB

IMG_7549 copy_WEB

IMG_7588 copy_WEB

IMG_7593 copy_WEB

IMG_7642 copy_WEB

IMG_7597 copy_WEB

IMG_7652 copy_WEB

IMG_7614 copy_WEB

IMG_7673 copy_WEB