Thursday, April 22, 2010

Meet Miss Lucy {a photojournalistic birth story}

Birth. Photography. Two of my most favorite things!

I am always humbled and amazed when someone asks me to photograph their birth. That kind of trust during such an intimate time is profound. This little niche of the industry is still a bit misunderstood. For more information about birth photography, please contact me.

Push the 'play' button below to view Miss Lucy's entrance into the world just two days ago.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Do you remember 14? 14 is a space in time when you are part child, part grown-up, part sloth, part eating machine, part rebel, part romantic, part..well, you get the idea.

I caught these photos of my foster daughter recently, and they remind me of how playful/childlike she can be, yet how poignant, and grown up she is at the same time.

I could snap photos of her all day, and not grow tired of it.

IMG_3313 copy_WEB



IMG_3320 copy_WEB

IMG_3275 copy_WEB



IMG_3330 copy copy_WEB


Thursday, April 1, 2010

'N' Family sneak peek.

I love this family. I have been photographing them since their oldest was just a couple of weeks old. Now, he is a spunky two year old and has a sister--and is she ever sweet! N family, it is always a pleasure. Enjoy your sneak peek--I hope you love them. I will be in touch soon!