Thursday, November 4, 2010

Not just any senior... [2011]

This post is near and dear to my heart. Meet my brother, Des (Desmond.)

He is strong.

IMG_6977 copy_WEB


Desmond lives with Schizophrenia. If you or anyone you know suffer from this disease, you know how debilitating it can be. It affects about 1 in every 100 adults, and childhood onset of schizophrenia, which is much more rare, affects about 1 in every 40,000 children. Desmond is one of those kids. He is also a handsome 18 year old senior in high school who loves music, lifting weights, and skateboarding. He takes medication in an effort to control his symptoms, but the world is often still a dark and frightening place to him.

IMG_6926 copy_WEB_WM


I love and admire him so. His Faith. His Strength. His Hope. His bright outlook on life. We can all learn something from him.

Des, I hope you and mom enjoy this sneak peek. More to come. Much love. xoxo


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Sharon De La O said...

I LOVE these. Desmond looks like he can rip too =) Every photo is a fav <3

JAR Photography & Design said...

Love them... they are great!

Liz said...

I love you Desmond!! Congrats on being a senior!

Kim said...

No WAY he is already a senior. I guess we really have known each other for quite some time :)

I love these pictures. Congrats Desmond!