Monday, October 25, 2010

Kacie [2011 senior]

Kacie grabbed this shoot by the horns! I loved her sense of style and bubbly personality. She loved the camera and the camera loved her back. I hope you love what you see, Kacie! Keep grabbing life by the horns!






IMG_4327 copy_WEB_WM

IMG_4398 copy_WEB_WM


Juanita said...

HI! I jumped over from the Maternal Lens and took a sweep through your past posts. :) I love all the connections and adorable moments you capture between family members :) and it was quite fun to go backwards and see returning clients (since they were getting younger it was a little different but still fun). I'd definitly say you emmulate (spelling? sorry!) LOVE. :) THanks! I needed that today.

Sharon De La O said...

Gorgeous session! I LOVE the purple and you completely captured that sweet sparkle she has. fab job <3