Wednesday, March 17, 2010

{our story}


The great ladies over at I ♥ Faces, and the fantabulous Amy Wenzel, have teamed up to offer such an amazing and generous gift. All they ask is that I share my story. Share how I may be an inspiration to others. Sounds easy enough, right? Almost immediately, I decided "Well--there goes that. Not a chance. Who wants to hear my story? I don't see myself as much of an inspiration...who would really care?"

Then, I thought of her. I thought of her, and I kept coming back to write this post, until finally, my heart was moved to do so.


This picture was taken a few months after Miss K (for privacy purposes) moved into our home. In her 13 years, she has seen some very dark places. Her mother passed away of Cancer when she was only nine years old, and through this time she has seen several foster homes. K is our first foster child. She is completely Deaf. Our primary mode of communication is American Sign Language. (Besides photographer, one of my other 'labels' is sign language interpreter, so this works. Ü) She is such an amazing young lady. She is vivacious, kind, gentle, and has such an amazing gift with animals and young children.

Many people asked me why I would take on such a thing--being that I already work two jobs (owning my own business, then a "day job"), and having two wonderful buggars of my own already to focus on. To tell the truth, these two were a large portion of why my husband and I decided to go for it.

IMG_4423 copy_crop_WEB

We felt that while it is wonderful to talk to our children about kindness and helping others, it is even better for them to see us do it. Live it. Live deeply. So, when this opportunity arose, we felt called--and blessed for the opportunity to share the love that we have found, with someone less fortunate. This experience has made us reach deeply inward, and give parts of ourselves away, that truthfully we didn't even know were there. Even my children have had to share more of their parents, and learn a new language. Also, there is a large difference between 'working' with Deaf people, and LIVING with one. (and more so parenting one!) Interpreting at doctor's appointments, plays, movies that we attend as a family, etc. etc. took some getting used to.

Then, there was, and is, the business of mending. A heart that has seen so much darkness has some barriers to break through, before letting itself love again. I know this well. In my life, there has also been darkness. I know what it is like to be a frightened child that carries around a lot of hurt. But, the blessings that I now behold each day upon waking, sometimes literally take my breath away. I will hold her hand, and show her that the world is not all darkness. We can find the light together.

One day, I hope to jump off and make photography my full time job. I am on the cusp of it...I can almost taste it. Right now though, I need a day job--interpreting--to pay a chunk of the bills. I think that sitting in on Amy's workshop would help me realize this goal. What a blessing this would be! It would mean doing my dream job every single day, and spending more precious time with my family.

Thank you for reading about this journey. And, if you haven't, please consider fostering or adoption.


Photos By Shar said...

I loved reading your story about Miss K. You have opened up your heart and your home in such an amazing way. Gave me chills, thank you for sharing <3

Kim said...

I love this story Sarah. You and Jason are such amazing people and not only is Miss K. lucky to be with you but so are N. and Z.
So blessed to call you my friend.

Yvonne said...

Wonderful story. Having known this girl for many years it is so heartwarming to know she is a safe place with loving people!! You rock and so does your photography!!

Hat said...

You and your family ARE an inspiration!!! Thank you for sharing your story! All THREE of your children are beautiful!

Stacy said...

You are a true inspiration!! Thank you for sharing your story! It made my heart smile.