Monday, August 24, 2009

Here we gooooo.....

My firstborn went to the inevitable first day of kindergarten this morning. It is surreal. Wasn't it yesterday that he was so helpless in my arms and needed me for everything?

What made it easy for me though was his JOY. He was completely exuberant to go. The kid has been wearing a backpack and asking to go to school since he was like...two.

Of course, we took some quickie snapshots this morning on the way out the door:

"Thumbs up for school!"

First day of kindergarten!

striking a pose--as only he can... "check out my cool uniform!"

First day of kindergarten!

First day of kindergarten!

"I found my name!"

First day of kindergarten!

First day of kindergarten!

First day of kindergarten!

First day of kindergarten!

Here's to you, buddy. You came home talking about Monarch butterflies, gingerbread men, new friends, and all of the things you are going to learn this year. Mommy is SO proud of you, and loves you more than pink milk.


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Martha D. said...

I'll bet I said 50 prayers today for my Noah and my Sarah. The pictures are sweet, but listening to Noah tell me about his day will be a high that I will celebrate for a long time. What a great son you've got there!

meg manion silliker said...

oh don't make me cry!!! so sweet and special. i can't stand how fast these little ones sprout up. make them stop!!!!! :)

Liz said...

He looks so excited for school to start. Great pictures of the classroom!