Saturday, March 7, 2009


I'm not sure who is more--my son or me.

Last night, his favorite toy in the whole world, along with a couple of other things, were stolen. The toy that he took to church, the library, the grocery store--THAT toy. He loved it so much--he even inscribed his name in red crayon on it. This is quite special, as he only recently learned how to write his whole name. (Just yesterday I was cleaning and I picked it up and ran my fingers over his name, and a warmth filled my heart. I had decided that it would be something we put in a box to treasure forever, long after he outgrew it...)

I am even more saddened because last night his innocent, care free world turned into something a bit darker. It's now a place where he has tasted that there are people in this world that do bad things, and that those things can hurt him deeply.

I wish I could keep his world untarnished forever, keep it a place where people only love him and no one can hurt or harm him. So, this is a lesson for me too, I suppose. That the only way he can deal with life's bumps and bruises is to actually have and experience those bumps and bruises.

Anyway, here is the only picture ( suprisingly! ) that I have of him with his little wooden dagger.

Oh, and guess what he had to say about all of this--after the tears.

"Maybe he (talking about whoever stole it) just needed to be Robin Hood."



meg manion silliker said...

oh my heart is broken for him. but what an amazing little boy you have - what he said about the thief is unbelievable. a quote to remember for all times. perhaps he did indeed need to be robin hood. i hope his little heart heals. sounds like you have taught him well. xo

Kim said...

Oh no! How did it get stolen? Poor sweet Noah. It is so hard when we realize that we can't protect them from all the heartache in the world. That is all I want to do. Sometimes I just want to hug them so tight and never let go...just pull them inside of me where I can protect them.
Big loves to sweetie boy Noah.

Megan said...

If I ever see his dagger in the hands of another somewhere around town, you better bet I'm going to snatch it right back!
But knowing my luck, it will be the wrong dagger and some other little kid would be left in tears.