Saturday, December 20, 2008


Megan, of Trees and Bees Photography (and a dear friend of mine), had her sweet bundle of boy late last Wednesday night. She was amazing--and labored so beautifully. I get chills thinking about it. What an awesome moment in time for her to share with me. I am/was truly honored.

Shortly before posting this, I learned that her little one is quite sick and is having his heart checked out at a local childrens' hospital. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Isn't she beautiful? And yes--she really is in labor here! (She is like at 8.5 / 9 centimeters dialated!)

Charlie's Birth

(Dad is filling out paperwork. Megan is--working hard.)

Charlie's Birth

Charlie's Birth

Charlie's Birth

First breath.....

Charlie's Birth

Charlie's Birth

Charlie's Birth

meeting big sister for the first time...

Charlie's birth ~ meeting big sis

Charlie's Birth

To see more of the birth, you can click the green arrow:


thousand words photography said...

sarah, these are beautiful, beyond words! she is amazing and you captured it perfectly! charlie is in my prayers....

Jen said...

I have never seen a more glamorous woman in labor! Wow, she was glorious! You did a great job Sarah! Our thoughts go out to little Charlie.

Kim said...

Absolutely breathtaking! You do an amazing job, Sarah! I heard about Charlie when I picked Ray up from Erin's on the night of the 19th. He will be o.k. I know it, but I am still praying for his little soul!

Jennifer said...

oh wow these are absolutely beautiful, you captured the moments so well!

meg manion silliker said...

gorgeous. you did an amazing job. god bless charlie. xo