Thursday, August 28, 2008

So, have I ever mentioned....

that my kiddos LOVE dressing up? Lol...because they DO!! Do your children like dressing up? Just leave a comment on my blog telling me what they were for Halloween last year, and get the chance to receive a free customized announcement/invitation/card design made by yours truly. Coolio, huh? Ü I will pick a winner at random at 4:00pm central time, on Tuesday September 2nd.






cattytg said...

I will tell you all our Halloweens:
2007-Dorothy, Scarecrow and Lion
2006- Cowboy and Indian
2005- Football player & cheerleader
2004- Ballerina

I am into themes, what can I say!

bretsnag said...

Last year Bret Alan was a kangaroo. His little pouch even had a joey in it!

karimackphotography said...

I was indecisive for Aiden's first Halloween. I took pictures of him as a teddy bear, skunk and pumpkin. :o)

Marleys Mama said...

Last year M was a little pirate! Arrrgh!

prairiemama said...

Yeah, my kids LOVE dressing up! Last year they were...holy cow, I can't remember. S was Super Why and A was a horse. This year he is telling me he is going to be Obi Wan, we'll see if that sticks ;)